The universal standard for ski reporting data

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Better ski data for everyone, everywhere.

Built for resorts

MTN.XML was established by resorts and industry partners to help standardize resort reporting data. Saving mountains time and money, while also enhancing the guest's experience.

For resorts of all sizes

From resort to resort there are differences in condition reporting but there are also tremendous similarities. This standard will support both.


Why are standardizing these xml feeds so important? Because this is how information is shared within your site, to 3rd party sites, apps and more. You work hard to gather data, and share smarter.

Simply & Free

XML is a great standard used across the web to share data. We use this simple structure, and make it "speak ski" as an open FREE standard for anyone to use.


We know the industry is always evolving so MTN.XML committees are working hard to incorporate the current data needed, as well as planning for the reporting data needed in the future.

Fully Documented

Whether you have existing feeds or are building a new site while looking for a guide to construct your feeds, MTN.XML documentation allows you to provide your dev team with all the info they need.


Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax.

Cross Platform

Works with PHP and .Net sites


Built for, and maintained by the community.

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